Kim Sellis Yoga


Yoga Breathing and Breath Coaching

There are many benefits associated with breath practices.

Skeptical? Me too!

So I dug deeper. There is a growing body of scientific research to back up all of these claims. I have experienced the benefits for myself and have seen the results in my clients. Breath can positively impact your physical and emotional health.

Most people turn to mediation for stress and anxiety relief, which can be slow and very frustrating to learn. Yoga breathing does not have to be complicated or difficult to be effective. It doesn’t even have to take on yoga traditions, incense, or chanting. In fact, you’ll feel results from your very first 5 minute practice.

You will learn safe and easy exercises to steady your nervous system. No experience of any kind is needed. I teach in bite-sized pieces to create a practice that is easy to maintain.

I share these practices in yoga workshops, schools, corporate events and to private clients.

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